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Protect Your Business as an Independent Contractor

Professional email

Clients expect their agents to represent them in a sharp, professional manner. A professional email address with a custom domain helps to create that image.

While most brokerages provide their agents with professional email service, all of your work product remains tied to that email address — contracts, photos, client conversations — no longer accessible.

Build your brand & protect your business, as an independent contractor, with 1842IT Professional Email.

Office 365 Administration

Microsoft Office has been the industry standard for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software for years. Office 365 combines the office platform with the power of the cloud to offer high availability, team collaboration tools, and more.

As a Microsoft Service Partner, we provide the solutions you need to get work done. Licensing plus a local face for setup and support. 

Networking as a Service (Naas)

In 2018, the internet is the backbone of almost every real estate tool - email, contract management, MLS, and marketing functions are all driven by online tools.

NaaS Basic, from 1842IT, can provide your home office with a redundant cellular connection to keep your connected to email, MLS, and other web tools even if your primary internet service becomes unstable or unavailable.

Consulting & Concierge Purchasing

As a business owner, you don’t have time to research, evaluate, and set up new technology. Delegate those tasks to the 1842IT team with Consulting & Concierge Purchasing.

Our team will help you evaluate your needs, make a purchasing decision, and source products on your behalf. If you choose, we can also help you get set up and running with your new technology.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

You and your work product are at the core of your business. Protect your livelihood with a proper business continuity solution. BCDR services from 1842IT can take your downtime from days to minutes.

Workstation and Server Help Desk

Minimize your headaches and get the help you need with IT HelpDesk service from 1842IT.

1842IT offers client’s a variety of help desk support options from pay-as-you-go to monthly plans. Using RMA and PSA tools, 1842IT can monitor and perform routine maintenance remotely, to keep your devices healthy.